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Conventional Treatments

Sound Waves

No Adverse Side Effects



  • Chemically Invasive.
  • Many Side Effects.
  • Treats Symptoms, Not the Cause.
KKT Treatments

Pain Free

No Back or Neck Cracking

Physical Therapy | Chiropractic | Osteopathy

Practitioner’s Skill

  • Lack of Precision.
  • Human error/risk.


No Injections or Steroids

Injections and Nerve Ablation


  • Limited Injections Allowed.
  • Marginal Outcomes.
  • Many Side Effects.


Minimal to No Risk.



  • Last Resort for Treatment.
  • Many Side Effects.
  • Higher Failure Rate.


Unique signature
sound-generated waves calibrated
for each individual patient

X-rays analyzed
by proprietary Spinalytics software and
other digital tools for diagnostics

patient outcomes
database for clinical evidence

Over 500,000
treatments since inception

The KKT Treatment uses sound-generated waves to relieve pain and help restore the workings of the body by improving spinal re-positioning of the back, shoulders, and pelvis, while enhancing the health of the spinal discs, ligaments and muscles.  The KKT Treatment has a positive impact on  gene encoding proteins which are essential to spinal disc health.


Spinal Re-Positioning 

  • Restore proper biomechanics of the spine by shifting the vertebrae to their normal pivoting point over the adjacent vertebra.
  • Vertebral bodies have a normal axis as a fulcrum point that is used during vertebral movements. In most cases of spinal pain, these fulcrum points are moved to an abnormal position.
  • KKT moves vertebral bodies through gentle frequencies to restore the vertebrae back to the normal position and correct the anatomic and bio-mechanical function.
  • This helps to maintain equal pressure on all sides of the disc and prevents tearing, rupturing and degeneration as well as displacement of the disc material to any one side.
  • Post treatment, the spine is a biomechanically more stable structure, therefore reducing the potential for on-going damage.

UP Regulation of Specific Genes Encoding Proteins of the Disc

  • In controlled scientific studies, it has been demonstrated that KKT has a positive impact on genes encoding proteins which are essential to disc health.
  • KKT achieves this outcome by influencing gene expression in controlled bovine studies.
  • These proteins, the aggrecan, versican and collagen type II, decrease as we age and through trauma.

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