Frequently Asked Questions

The KKT treatment platform uses sound waves to relieve pain by improving spinal alignment of the back.

The KKT treatment has been clinically proven to be effective for almost all types of chronic muscle, nerve or joint pain, including back pain.

  • Back Pain – Herniated Disc, Arthritis, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Spinal Stenosis, Spinal Degeneration (Spondylosis) 
  • Neck and Joint Pain – Neck pain, Whiplash, Arthritis, Shoulder Pain, Rotator Cuff (Shoulder), Hip and Knee Pain (Posture related)
  • Nervous System – Numbness & Tingling, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Nerve Damage
  • Head Conditions– Headaches, Migraines, Vertigo (dizziness), Concussions

Multiple studies, including randomized control trials, have been conducted to determine the degree of effectiveness of the KKT Treatment. In general, the studies found that patient’s self-reported level of pain reduced by 60%, on average, after the application of KKT Treatments over a period of 6 months. Studies have also reported that, after the KKT Treatment, many patients experience an increase in activity level and range of motion. Many participants in the trials were able to drastically reduced or eliminate the need for pain medications after undergoing the full cycle of KKT Treatments. Keep in mind, that although the results of these studies look very promising, individual results may vary depending on a variety of individual factors, such as comorbidities and underlying condition. It is important to talk to a KKT Physician to see if the KKT Treatment is right for you.

KKT has little to no side effects and none of the risks typically associated with pain medications or surgery.

The stimulation from the sound waves feel like a gentle tingling or light vibrating pulse on the point of treatment accompanied by a vibrating sound. The vibrations are similar to being close to an audio speaker. It is a painless procedure.
No, the sound waves produce a gentle physical pulsing during treatment.
  • The consultation and diagnostics performed by the KKT Medical Team takes approximately 2 hours, followed by a few hours of analysis and collaboration with the KKT Medical Team.
  • Once treatments commence, a typical KKT visit takes approximately 10-15 minutes. A KKT treatment takes 3-4 minutes.
  • The typical treatment plan of 12 visits typically takes 2 to 6 weeks to complete.

While results may vary, the KKT treatment typically starts to deliver pain relief between sessions 1 – 6.

The KKT Medical Team is trained at conducting a thorough consultation and diagnostic exam to determine which patients are candidates for the KKT Treatment. If a patient is not a candidate, the KKT Medical Team will work with the patient to find a solution outside of the KKT center.

If a patient has undergone the KKT Treatment and their condition has not improved after the completion of the treatment plan, the KKT Medical Team will inform the patient when to discontinue treatment and work with the patient to find a solution outside of the KKT center.

In some of these cases, surgery or other more invasive procedures can no longer be avoided or the KKT Medical Team may think there is another type of treatment outside of the KKT center that may be more appropriate for the patient. In these cases, the KKT Medical Team will refer the patient to the best health care professionals outside of the KKT center and advise on the patient’s overall care plan.

KKT is committed to helping its patients to find a solution to their pain conditions.

KKT is FDA certified for use in the United States and will be opening clinics in the near future.  Patients in the United States typically seek treatment in Toronto , Canada.  KKT is available in over 12 countries.

While KKT pain management centers are located in 12 countries, 25% of KKT’s patients travel abroad and/or long distances to experience the benefits of KKT.  Therefore, KKT will continue to work with its patients to establish new locations to bring the benefits of pain relief closer to their homes. Please click here if you have a suggestion of where to open a future center.

Payments options vary by country.  Many KKT centers accept some insurance.  Please inquire with the clinic in your region.
The KKT treatment plan varies by country and pain management center.  The KKT team can discuss treatment prices when you are making an appointment. In general, in all cases, KKT’s treatment plans are less expensive than surgery.  It typically costs more than physical rehabilitation and steroid injections due to the specialized technology and expertise involved. 
Feel free to contact us with any other questions or suggestions that you may have.

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