Dr. Aslam Khan, Founder & Chief Scientist

Dr. Khan has been practicing since 1992, with a research focus in pain management and rehabilitation, anti-aging, and hormonal intervention.

“Dr. Khan’s research discoveries are an invaluable breakthrough in the field of prevention, as it relates to spinal and neurological degeneration and deterioration.”
– (Brig. Gen.) Dr. Aida Doughan, Specialist Rehabilitation and Rheumatology, KKT International, Jordan


  • Graduated as a Chiropractor in 1991 and continued onto private practice and extensive studies in Orthopedic Medicine.
  • Research and scientific discoveries that benefit most chronic pain patients.
  • Founder and President (former) of the International Center of the Spine
  • Founder of Optima Health Solutions and KKT International
  • Dr. Khan is a long-standing member of the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine

Dirk Hall, CEO

Mr. Hall has over 20 years experience in finance, investing and working with entrepreneurial management teams to build high growth companies.


  • Head of Investments, Verus International (family office)
  • Managing Director, Prodos Capital Management (private equity)
  • VP, Citigroup Investments Technology Ventures ($450MM invested in technology and medical devices)
  • Citigroup Investment Banking (health care)
  • Harvard Business School (MBA); New York University (BS)

KKT Management Team

KKT’s management team is lead by Dirk Hall, and backed by a highly experienced management group with significant experience in their respective fields, including Physicians, Surgeons, Pure and Applied Scientists, Engineers, Computer Architects, Programmers and Intellectual property specialists.

Dr. Anne Flanagan, Ph.D – R&D, Intellectual Property, Technology Strategist and Patent Agent; PhD in Developmental Biology and Biochemistry, University of Victoria; National Science and Engineering Post Doctoral Fellow in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; 80+ publications and scientific abstracts.

Dr. Karim Bayanzay, Research Consultant, Chief Resident Physician – Jersey Shore University (Perth Amboy); Advanced Training in Clinical Research – University of California, San Francisco; Medical Degree – Gulf Medical University; Bachelor’s Degree, Biology – University of California, Davis.

Anu Krishnan , IT Project Manager, Head of DX ( Digital Transformation), Post-Graduation – Guelph Humber University: Bachelor of Technology, Electronics, and Communication Engineering – Mahatma Gandhi University
Previous: Business Analyst, UST Global – H & R block, US

Mayar Abbasi – R&D, Software & Engineering, Computer Vision & Automation; Senior Software Designer, Motorola; MS Electrical Engineering – Center for Intelligent Machines, McGill University

Mohammed Sheikh – Chief Technology Officer, Principal, Advanced Network Systems; Compaq Corp; Microsoft; Computer Engineering, Eastern Washington University

Farhad Ghani – Regulatory Affairs, Principal, Anova Quality Systems Services, Mechanical and Quality Engineer

Hina Khan – Operations Manager, Account executive, WPP Group; BA, University of Delhi

Nadia Yahya – Controller, Accountant, First Provider (Barbados), Managing Director, NY Business Services

Dawn Wattie – Legal, Dawn Wattie Law Group; Legal specialist in technology and innovation; University of Windsor. LLB; Canadian Bar Association

KKT Medical Teams

The KKT Medical Teams collaborate with a global network of medical specialists in order to provide each patient with a customized chronic pain treatment plan.  KKT’s Medical Teams are comprised of leading  physicians in the areas of orthopedic surgery, pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation, chiropractors and general practitioners.

Research Program

The KKT Research Program is focused globally on revolutionizing health care for the treatment of pain through clinical research and practice. Our goal is to design unified clinical protocols and innovative treatment technologies through collaboration with global specialists such as medical doctors, scientists, engineers, technology experts in multiple disciplines.

Dr. Aslam Khan, DC– Founder

Dr. Anne Flanagan,  Ph.D. – Technology Strategist and Patent Agent. Associate Professor, Biotechnology, University of Alberta (retired), National Science and Engineering Post Doctoral Fellow in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, KKT International

Mayar Abbasi, M.Eng. – Center for Intelligent Machines, McGill University, IT and Research Specialist, KKT International

Dr. Qui Guixing, M.D.- Founder and past president for Chinese Orthopaedic Association and Head of Orthopaedic Surgery, PUMC Hospital, China

Dr. Saleem Bashir, M.D., FCPS-  Orthopedics College of Physicians and Surgeons Medical Director, KKT International

Dr. Med. Andreas Venninger, Dr. med. Specialist in Orthopaedic, KKT International Germany

(Brig. Gen.) Dr. Aida Doughan, Specialist Rehabilitation and Rheumatology, KKT International, Jordan

Dr. Afzal Hussain, Orthopaedic Surgeon, KKT International, Pakistan

Dr. Zhihong Wu, Professor of Department of Orthopedics, Deputy Director of Laboratory, Peking Union Medical College Hospital– KKT International China

Dr. Li,  Senior Consultant, The Armed General Police Hospital, Beijing China, KKT International, China

Dr. Geoffrey Thor Desmoulin,  Ph.D.- Registered Kinesiologist, President and Senior Engineer GTD Engineering

Dr. Nikolai Bogduk, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.- Newcastle Bone and Joint Institute, University of New Castle, Australia

Dr. Edward J. Park, Ph. D. Associate Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences Professor, School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia

Mr. Ian Bercovitz, Director for Statistical Consulting Service, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia

Dr. Frank Ferrie, Ph.D., Professor  and Head of Department at the Center for Intelligence Machines, McGill University, Montreal, QC

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