KKT Story

Turning an Extraordinary Vision into Reality.

Back in the early 90’s, when Dr. Khan first started developing KKT, his focus was on only one thing: Revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of the underlying cause of spine related pain.

In the course of treating thousands of cases of serious, often debilitating conditions, Dr. Khan carefully observed and researched various factors contributing to pain and the subsequent decline of the body, including the elusive ‘misalignment’ – shifts in the correct positioning of the vertebral column – that are at the core of many people’s sufferings. He was also concerned with the deterioration of crucial tissues (such as the discs) in the spine. Patients were left struggling with chronic back and neck pain, often resorting to medications and injections for at best, temporary relief.

It was obvious early on that Dr. Khan needed to uncover a treatment that could target the root problem and not just the symptoms. He had delved into the entire spectrum of treatments in pain management, anti-aging, and hormone modulation to treat the suffering of patients through a revolutionary medical clinic, -International Center for the Spine . Dr. Khan assembled a remarkable team of physicians and scientists committed to furthering medical research in the spine related fields.

In the early 90’s, Dr. Khan shifted his own attention to harnessing the power of another force:  sound. He discovered that by using very precisely measured, super-subtle sound waves, he could not only shift the spine to a correct position, he was also able to stimulate healing and regeneration of tissues.

By involving a group of pure scientists, engineers, and computer programmers into his team, he fine-tuned specific sound frequencies and created a very sophisticated device to apply these waves to the patient, with some astounding results.

This was the birth of KKT, or Khan Kinetic Treatment, which has since effectively treated thousands of cases of neck and back pain, spinal cord injuries, herniated discs, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, joint pain and headaches – using a very finely-developed form of vibratory sound waves.

The KKT Treatment Platform uses sound waves to relieve pain by shifting and restoring the back, shoulders, and pelvis and generally the entire body, while enhancing the health of the spinal discs, ligaments, and muscles.

With almost two decades, and millions of dollars in research and development, KKT has become a viable, long-term alternate to many surgical procedures and prolonged use of pain medications. A safe, non-invasive way of correcting the position of the spine while facilitating tissue regeneration had arrived.

KKT International has safely provided over 500,000 treatments and has grown into a medical technology company focused on the development of medical devices, information technologies, and clinical protocols for the treatment of chronic pain for back, neck and joint pain conditions.

Initially founded in 2003, today,KKT has 25 KKT pain treatment centers, located in 12 overseas countries. The KKT Treatment is protected globally by patents and trademarks: 25+ patents and 20+ trademarks granted or pending.

The KKT medical device has been approved and or cleared by many international regulatory agencies, including the US FDA and European Commission.

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