Qatar (Testimonials)

Back Pain

“My lower back was no longer allowing me to live freely. I would often contemplate over how nice it would be if only I could go back into my youth, carefree and pain free. KKT gave me my life back. The pain I learnt was not due to age. My x-rays showed arthritis and degeneration. It was nice to know however, that we could work at preventing any further degeneration and perhaps even reverse existing damage. I would hope that every single person the world over would have access to KKT.”

-Martin Davis, male.

I was suffering from chronic neck and back pain. I feel my health and lifestyle has improved since taking the KKT treatment. KKT Qatar has a unique and interesting way of caring and looking after their patients health. The treatment is comfortable with no pain. The center is beautiful and the staff are friendly.

-51-year-old female.

After finishing 12 sessions, I noted a big improvement for my back pain. I would like to thank all the reception staff for the good dealing and for their attractive smile for us.

-42-year-old female.

Lower Back Pain and Neck Pain

KKT Spine Center gave me an opportunity to go through the process of treating the spine without surgical intervention. It is a big advantage. The professional way of communication with patients is excellent.

-53-year-old female.

This is my first experience in this center , I received excellent treatment and dealing, I responded to the treatment quickly and  the pain that I was suffering from it disappeared . Thanks to all.

-27-year-old female.

I feel big difference after 12 sessions, I feel no more pain,

-41-year-old male.

The way of treating is developed and excellent, the employees’ dealing is very sophisticated & my response to the treatment is good.

-28-year-old male.

I would to thank all the center employees, the staff are perfect starting from the reception until the doctor and Dr. Mayssa. I want to notify that I feel a big improvement in my case.

-21-year-old female.

The KKT Center treatment is very well and in a modern way. I have benefited so much as I complained of back and neck pain but now it has improved significantly.

-70-year-old male.

Thanks KKT Center for taking care of me during treatment…. Really I don’t expect this result quickly… I felt better after I complained of discs pain, but now I become walking well, as I appreciate during my visit, the treatment accuracy and doctor care for the case.

-63-year-old male.


“In 2001, I was involved in a car accident while travelling as a passenger. I experienced a  severe jolt and the injury to my neck left me with severe headaches and neck pain. I also experienced dizziness and ringing in my ears. After going for many sessions of physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture, I felt that there would be no option but to live with these problems for the rest of my life. I had lost hope. I was told about KKT. Within one month of treatments at the KKT center my pain has gone.

Today, I no longer have the shoulder tightness nor do I get ringing in my ears or dizziness. I have referred many of my family for KKT treatment and am fortunate to be able to see them regain their health.”

-Mrs. A. Gonzales, female.

Rotator Cuff Injury

“I first injured my shoulder when I fell on it eight years ago. Over the past year the shoulder pain began to radiate into my arm and neck. I also felt tightness in the neck. Despite lots of physio and injection therapy and medication, I wasn’t progressing. Within the first few minutes of the KKT treatment, the strength and movement started returning to my arm and shoulder. What a great feeling. I have continued to progress week after week. What was unique about the KKT process was that it addressed my entire body. I can now move my neck smoothly and even my legs are now equal in length.”

-Mrs. A. Patel, female.

Herniated Disc

“I can never say enough about KKT treatments and the medical team at the KKT center. Three years ago I suffered from  a severe herniated disc in my lower back following a game of competitive squash. The injury was very painful I visited both my family physician and a pain center. After weeks of pain medication and physiotherapy, there was minimal improvement. The temporary relief of pain killers was not a viable solution. My range of movement was restricted and I had to cancel all my work related travels as I literally could not even sit in a chair! I was referred to the KKT center by a business associate.

During my initial visit I realized the thoroughness, the patient care and the overall interest from the doctors. This was reassuring and gave me peace of mind. The precision of the x-rays and the analysis of my structure, in addition to the step by step explanation of my medical condition was excellent. KKT’s care program yielded immediate results and  within 4 months I was able to regain my quality of life. I highly recommend KKT treatment for back associated pain. The procedure is painless and the outcome is phenomenal. I wish that in the future people didn’t have to go to so many practitioners before they discover KKT.”

-Michael Chow, male.


Spinal Stenosis

“Over the past few years I developed pain in my arms and legs, which was very tiring. I had two notable falls which resulted in being incapacitated for a few weeks at a time due to pain and stiffness. Some of the top specialists in the world told me that I would have no choice, but to have spinal stenosis surgery. Due to the fact that there are no guarantees with surgery and the risks are obvious, I started looking to other options, within a few days of KKT my posture started changing back to normal and my legs and arms felt like they were coming back to life. I had more mobility.

Today I can walk straight and no longer require a cane to get around. I spent 16 weeks dedicated to KKT. It has been well worthwhile. I never expected that I would be able to walk like I do today ever again. All doctors told me I would have to accept the inevitable gradual demise. Today every one of my doctors, friends and family are in absolute shock to see my progress.”

-Mr. M.Sidhu, male.


“I didn’t know I had developed arthritis aged just 39. It had sneaked up on me. I was shocked to see my x-rays that showed advanced stages of degeneration resulting in graduated restriction to my neck movement and pain into my shoulder and arms. Luckily the KKT Treatment restored my neck within a few weeks. The improvements were dramatic and my x-rays actually showed a reversal to some of the damage that was done over the years. My mobility is fully restored and the pain is gone.”

-Georgina Ostrow, female.

Spondylitis and Spinal Degeneration

“Every morning and evening as well as whenever I did any physical activities, my joints would hurt. I could no longer keep taking pain medication as it had resulted in severe stomach and intestinal bleeding. After KKT® my body has turned completely around and I feel strong and in control again. My muscles, neck, back, legs and joints no longer hurt. Now I am only requiring a monthly visit to the KKT® center to keep on top to things.”

-Mr. Tony Parker, male.


“I was always very active until one afternoon when I went to pick up my laptop computer and suddenly experienced lower back pain, which radiated down my leg. It caused excruciating pain and created numbness and tingling down the leg and into my toes. I felt like I was 20 years older than my actual age and my sleep was badly disturbed. Pain medication was only marginally helpful. KKT saved me from going for surgery. It gave me back my life.”

-Dr. N Shah.


“I came to the KKT center after being recommended by a friend. I was suffering from a severe case of scoliosis and wanted to explore treatment options before committing to a more aggressive surgical alternative. After my first treatment I could feel the change in my structure. Shortly after a series of treatments, the results were obvious. I had a very measurable outcome resulting in no surgery! I’m grateful to KKT and Dr. Khan.”

-Mandy, age 27, female.

“My family and I visited KKT  Qatar from Saudi Arabia, my daughter has suffered her adolescent life with scoliosis. The abnormal curve of her spine reached 46 degrees before visiting KKT Qatar. After 11 sessions in KKT the degree of deviation reduced to 34. My daughter is happier and her social confidence is improving.  I would like to thank Dr. Ahmed, who oversaw the treatment of my daughter and Allah bless all of you.”

-Mother of a 17-year-old female.

Neck Pain

“I moved to Canada in 2000. During my posting I became very ill and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor was surgically removed and I began to long road to recovery. My neck became very stiff and painful during rehab. I was recommended to a KKT center and assured that the treatment was very gentle, yet highly effective. On my initial consult, the doctor spent a lot of time getting to know me. They took detailed x-rays to prepare a treatment plan. The treatment was comfortable, safe, fast, and most importantly, effective. The change was noticeable immediately after my first treatment. After a few visits, I could actually “feel” my weight redistributing throughout my body. Both my knee and hip pain lessened and eventually disappeared. I was even walking straight! My movements became more balanced and effortless. Interestingly, I found myself thinking more clearly and a better ability to remember.  I was very impressed with my entire experience at the KKT center. KKT treatment and innovation is beyond words. I believe the whole world needs to know about KKT so that patients can choose this treatment.”

-Antoine Edmonds, female.

Due to a curvature of my cervical spine, I had neck pain for over 12 years, which over time became worse. The pain was always present, some periods lasting for weeks during which the pain was much worse. With time, these attacks had become longer and more frequent. My neck discomfort often led to migraine attacks, I was unable to sit in one position for more than a few minutes, I had great difficulty sleeping and as a result, I was in despair. I tried various medications, physiotherapy, and special exercises with some benefits, but the pain was constantly becoming worse, to the point where I was contemplating retirement as a physician.

The pain is much less severe. My endurance has increased and I can now travel in a car, watch television or visit with friends without the agony that I experienced previously for years. Most importantly I got my life back and will no longer consider retiring from my profession.

-J. E. Jan MD FRC.

“Before finding out about KKT and visiting KKT  Qatar I suffered with chronic neck pains, but now after receiving KKT  treatments I feel a huge improvement and have no more pain.”

-16-year-old female.

“I must wish KKT Qatar well and hope more people can benifit the way I have from the KKT treatments. I had been suffering from neck pain, after completing the treatment plan of KKT I found that my situation has significantly improved. My Sincere appreciation and thanks to KKT Qatar.”

-48-year-old male.

After visiting the KKT Center Doha  I want to write this report, in which I explain my case: I feel a good improvement and 80% of  cervical pain has disappeared. All the staff are helpfull and professional. Dr. Mohammed Fakhri is a perfect person, successful and takes in mind of patients suggestion. Dr. Maysa is very upscaled in her dealings and so professional. Mrs. Reem is a good person, quite & respectable, and always smiling. I advise all those who suffer from disc problems to visit KKT Doha, Qatar.

-27-year-old male.

The Center is characterized by a sophisticated and wonderful service. Otherwise, clinically I feel that my steps are better and I hope to see good results for my case in the future. You will not regret for what you pay  in the center either by the medical side or the service side and the warm reception by the medical staff and all staff.

-48-year-old female.

Motor Vehicle Accident

I had been severely injured in a motor vehicle accident in 1991 and was in a cast for several months. My mobility had weakened and I was in terrible pain every time I  tried to lift my arms above my shoulders. I walked with a noticeable limp and my knees were always bothering me, so much so that I was unable to walk for more than a couple of blocks without considerable pain.

Prior to the accident, I had been quite active in a wide variety of sports including playing competitive racquetball, squash, tennis, swim, weight-lifting, biking and golfing. After the injuries and the associated pain, I had to quit all of these activities.

With each specialist I saw came a new diagnosis of my condition. Unfortunately, all treatment plans brought no relief from the pain. Having a young son who is a golf champion, required me to endure a considerable amount of physical exertion and travelling. The worst prognosis I received was that I would be sedentary within 3 to 5 years.

In 2002 my life changed dramatically when I began the KKT treatment. I am now able to play golf with my son. We play tennis, swim, bowl and participate in every sport that my active 9-year old does. I owe KKT a lot and now fully appreciate how wonderful it is to be healthy. I would strongly recommend KKT to anyone around the world looking for improved health.

-Mr. Doug Rue, male.

Sport Injury

Having injured my left shoulder, neck and lower back playing hockey, I was living with chronic pain for almost a year before I began KKT treatments. Prior to that, I had received several cortisone injections and a variety of physiotherapy modalities of which none had been helpful.

At the KKT treatment centre I had a thorough history and physical assessment of my problems as well as unique cervical spine X-rays. After having the KKT treatment I began to notice a relief to the neck and back pain that I was experiencing. I have made remarkable progress and am able to maintain my structural alignment with a resulting decrease in pain. I have been able to start a muscle-strengthening program and have returned to work as an Anesthesiologist.

The KKT process and knowledge base allows for an excellent understanding of pain. It’s focus is on more than just the basic aspects of health as it guides you through the treatment program.

-Dr. Paul Kliffer, male.

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