The KKT Advantage

Range of Treatment Approaches

Traditionally, treatment is varied and focused on the symptoms instead of at the root cause of spine pain.

The more conservative approaches include general exercise, specific conditioning of back and abdominal muscles to help stabilize hyper-mobile regions, spinal manipulation to increase the range of motion for hypo-mobile regions, massage therapy, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

The more invasive treatments involve the use of medications such as analgesics, opiates, anticonvulsant agents, or antidepressants; acupuncture, epidural, facet joint corticosteroid injections, and spinal nerve blocking techniques. The most invasive treatments involve surgical intervention, ranging from microdiscectomy and spinal fusion to laminectomy.

The KKT Treatment uses precisely generated sound waves to relieve pain by improving spinal alignment of the back. It is safe, non-invasive, non-surgical and painless.

The KKT Treatment can have a significant impact on your physical health by:

  • Reducing or eliminating pain;

KKT Vs Conventional Treatments



Conventional Treatments

Sound Waves

No Adverse Side Effects



  • Chemically Invasive.
  • Many Side Effects.
  • Treats Symptoms, Not the Cause.
KKT Treatments

Pain Free

No Back or Neck Cracking

Physical Therapy | Chiropractic | Osteopathy

Practitioner’s Skill

  • Lack of Precision.
  • Human error/risk.


No Injections or Steroids

Injections and Nerve Ablation


  • Limited Injections Allowed.
  • Marginal Outcomes.
  • Many Side Effects.


Minimal to No Risk.



  • Last Resort for Treatment.
  • Many Side Effects.
  • Higher Failure Rate.


Unique signature
sound-generated waves calibrated
for each individual patient

X-rays analyzed
by proprietary Spinalytics software and
other digital tools for diagnostics

patient outcomes
database for clinical evidence

Over 500,000
treatments since inception

The KKT Treatment uses sound-generated waves to relieve pain and help restore the workings of the body by improving spinal re-positioning of the back.  The KKT Treatment has a positive impact on  gene encoding proteins which are essential to spinal disc health.

KKT Improves Spinal Conditions By:

Spinal Re-Positioning 

  • Restore proper biomechanics of the spine by shifting the vertebrae to their normal pivoting point over the adjacent vertebra.
  • Vertebral bodies have a normal axis as a fulcrum point that is used during vertebral movements. In most cases of spinal pain, these fulcrum points are moved to an abnormal position.
  • KKT moves vertebral bodies through gentle frequencies to restore the vertebrae back to the normal position and correct the anatomic and bio-mechanical function.

UP Regulation of Specific Genes Encoding Proteins of the Disc

  • In controlled scientific studies, it has been demonstrated that KKT has a positive impact on genes encoding proteins which are essential to disc health.
  • KKT achieves this outcome by influencing gene expression in controlled bovine studies.
  • These proteins, the aggrecan, versican and collagen type II, decrease as we age and through trauma.

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