Pakistan (Testimonials)

Mr. Mohammad Tousiq Arshad, renowned hockey player and gold medalist regains health from KKT Spine Center Pakistan

His love for the country drove him to achieve, his passion to recover got him to KKT Pakistan. Mr. Mohammad Tousiq Arshad, winner of three gold medals in the Olympian Hockey, and Gold Medalist of the Asian Champions trophy faced what most players consider their worst nightmare. Due to injuries acquired as part of his game, he was advised to go under surgery and take injections. The brave player refused to live a debilitating life that resulted after surgery. He searched for a non-surgical treatment procedure that would leave him in the best of his health and be able to play again. In his testimonial, he explains how he got to KKT and his disappointment for fellow sportsmen who are acquiring surgery and going under the knife, unaware of KKT spinal treatment.

Young & dedicated hockey player Mr. Suleman encourages fellow sportsmen to seek KKT, as their primary treatment modality

Mr. Mohammad Suleman, with several silver and bronze medals under his belt, player for the national junior hockey team Pakistan, came to Dr. Afzal with L4 and L5 disc bulges. Over the course of his young career Mr. Suleman found his back ache exasperating over time. He reported several minor injuries and a major fall during his matches that were traced back to the cause of his spinal dis-balance. Mr. Suleman explains in his own words, how KKT helped him to recover and get back to training camp.

Police Officer from Gujrat is back to eradicating crime with the help of KKT Spine Treatment Center Pakistan

50 year old, police officer and resident of Gujrat, Mr. Riffat Mahmood Bhatti, made saving lives and eradicating crime his life goal until recently he began to experience back ache problems and was unable to work. Like many chronic back pain and leg pain patients, MrBhatti opted for pain killers and injections. However with results in vain, KKT was brought to Mr. Bhatti’s knowledge, and he was well on his way to recovery and normal life. With the help of KKT, at the age of 50,Mr Bhatti’snot only pain free but working again.

“I feel energetic & completely healed” Mrs. Malik finally relieved after 15 years of chronic back pain with the help of KKT

50 year old Mrs. Shaheen Malik tried and tested all orthopedic specialists in Lahore before coming to KKT Lahore. Her chronic back pain started 15 years ago and had exaggerated over the course of her life despite all treatment efforts. Her pinched nerves caused pain particularly in her tail bone and caused disability in her home making duties. At KKT she found health, and a pain free life, in her testimonial she expresses her journey from a painful to a pain free life.

No longer a patient of chronic backache, Mr. Omer indulges in his favorite sports & thanks KKT for their treatment procedure

Mr. Farooq is an active and fit individual, indulging in physical activities such as Martial Arts, table tennis, and badminton. However recently during a game he twisted his back and became a victim of back ache and spinal problems. At KKT Spine Center Pakistan his spine was restored and corrected allowing him to go back into his normal life. Mr. Farooq was not only able to achieve his previous physical fitness but was able to progress much beyond it. In his testimonial attached, he walks us through his journey to health.

Mr. Humayun Maroof fell into a debilitating life until he was treated with KKT Orthopedic Spinal Center Pakistan

After suffering chronic pain for 10 years, due to a tragic fall from the stairs, Humayun Maroof had run out of treatment options. He came to KKT with little hope, and a depressed approach to life. To his best of interest KKT was not only able to provide him with symptomatic relief, but was able to treat his root cause. Mr. Humayun was able to achieve his balance and carry on with his daily life, here he explains how.

Ms. Zakia Shahid felt warm and welcomed while getting treatment from KKTPakistan, for Spinal Stenosis and Spondylitis

Ms. Zakia Shahid came to KKT with Spinal Stenosis, Spondylitis and slip disc. The spaces between her back bones had decreased putting immense pressure on her spinal cord and nerves that traveled through her spine. She reported symptoms of headaches, back ache, shoulder ache and neck ache. KKT was able to eradicate her pain, treat her mal-alignment and have her walking again. Hear from her, how she was healed through KKT.

63 Year old Pakistan Army veteran avoids Spinal Surgery by choosing KKT Spine Treatment

63 year old Col. Nasir who was also a gold medalist rifle shooter was KKT’s first patient in Pakistan. He was suffering from LBP (low back pain) once he retired from the Pakistan Army. His conditions debilitated him from playing Golf-his favorite sport.He went out looking for solutions to as far as America where he was once again prescribed surgery. Choosing KKT Spine Treatment led him towards a path to optimal recovery.

Sciatica and slip disc, surgery was my only option until KKT Spine Center Pakistan became my savior

44 year old Mr. Waqar Siddiqui became a patient of sciatica and slip disc while lifting heavy weights. This left him in intense pain resulting in a forced lifestyle of minimal physical activity. Due to his young age and a need to be the bread winner of the house, Mr. Siddiqui opted for allopathic medication in hope of combating his pain. For several years he took prescribed medication until he became a patient of liver disease and was left searching for a non-allopathic treatment. He finally found KKT a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment procedure and was healed at last. In his testimonial he expresses his gratitude towards the staff, for their dedication with which he was cared for.

Concerned Family chooses KKT as their paramount treatment mode

Mian Channu’s resident Usman Tariq is a young entrepreneur whose occupation requires him to travel a lot. Due to his exacerbated spine condition he was he was unable to sit and his work halted. When Mr. Tariq was brought to KKT, his shoulder level was misallocated by 1.5 degrees and all his joints were in pain. Mr. Tariqs family got highly concerned seeing him in such pain and got him to KKT spine center. At KKT his spine condition and limp muscle strength was restored and Mr. Tariq was able to bounce back into his normal routine.

When medicines failed and surgery seemed hopeless, confused business man Mr. Basharat Ali Dogar finally finds a solution at KKT

Mr. Basharat Ali Dogar, Businessman restored his health. In his own words, he explains “I was aware that the results of a surgery are not promising, and was keen to find another option”. Upon a thorough physical examination from the chief consultant at KKT it was found that Mr. Dogar’s pains were related to his backbone imbalance.

Tired of problems reappearing and temporary reliefs, Saudi resident Mr. Muhammad Nawaaz finally seeks for permanent fix at KKT

Employee and resident of Saudi Arabia, came searching for a better treatment option to Pakistan. After being thoroughly examined, and taken care of at the Green Crescent Hospital KSA, Mr. Nawaaz felt that his problems kept reappearing and he needed a permanent fix. At KKT, his body’s asymmetry was realigned and his pains were relieved.

27 Year old Businessman suffering from Disc Bulge recovers after KKT Spine Treatment

Mr Ahmad Bukhari a prominent businessman in Pakistan suffered from L4, L5, S1 Disc bulges. Along with severe back pain, Mr. Bukhari frequently experienced Migraine headaches. Later his back pain started radiating down to both of his legs. Being referred to KKT Treatment; the patient went through a few treatment sessions before being fully recovered. Today Mr. Bukhari lives a pain free life where x rays show a reversal in his bulge disc and he no longer complains about Migraine headaches.

23 Year Old Patient in the UK suffering from slip disc gets her KKT Treatment in Pakistan

23 year old Nadia Shaheen learnt about KKT treatment option from an acquaintance and an ex – KKT patient in England. She was suffering from Low Back Pain for seven years where her MRI depicted and underlying cause of back pain to be a slip disc in her L4, L5 vertebrae. Nadia states “I was on heavy duty pain killers and doctors had prescribed Spinal Surgery to be my only solution; when I learnt about KKT and its global accreditation with governing medical bodies, I opted out to take a flight to Lahore where I had family roots to start my treatment sessions.”

75 Year old Gynecologist Doctor finds relief through KKT Treatment after being in the wheelchair for years suffering from Sciatica

Dr. Khalida Imtiaz known in Pakistan as re-known Gynecologist was immobilized as she conducted her activities from a wheelchair. She was suffering from chronic Sciatic pain (Pinched Nerve). She came across KKT Orthopedic Spine awareness Program through a local news paper. Being a doctor herself, she looked into the efficacy of the treatment program. Once she discovered that the treatment was backed by FDA, she quickly made up her mind to join the KKT program. Today, she has walked back into life.

64 year old businessman from Peshawar suffering from 10 years of Back Pain chooses KKT Orthopedic Spine Treatment in Pakistan

Mr Jahangir Khan a re-known businessman is a resident of Peshawar, Pakistan. He suffered from excruciating back pains where the underlying cause spotted by his MRI was L4, L5 Slip Disc.


Mr. Khan states” I was living on heavy dosage of pain killers and was told by my Doctors that surgery was my only option. I searched for non-surgical solution and came across KKT Orthopedic Spine Treatment. Allhamdulillah today I am pain free and can offer my prayers without sitting on a chair.”

71 year old retired Government Employee under goes KKT Treatment to find relief from Multilevel Disc Disease and L4/L5 Disc Bulge

At 71 years of age patient Ch. Shaukat Ali drove two hours every day to come from Sahiwal to Lahore for KKT Treatment. Having worked for 35 years of Government service; Poor work ergonomics led him to an underlying cause of the Bulges in his Multilevel Disc decease. His relief came when one of his friends and a former KKT patient referred him to the centre in Lahore.

I came in a wheel chair, and left walking on my own two feet

“For four consecutive years I was bedridden and in the worse physical condition of my life.”


Mrs. Shafqat came to KKT Pakistan in the worst of her physical health. She was a victim of chronic back ache, and had had a surgical procedure done. Despite of her surgery, she was still in the most inept physical condition that she had to rely on a wheelchair to get around. With the help of KKT, Mrs. Shafqat was able to walk within a month of her treatment and her pains had vanished.

After a tragic spine injury, Mr. Shahid Mehmood finds hope at KKT Orthopedic Spine Center Pakistan

A catastrophic road side accident left Mr.Shahid Mehmoods lower back severely damaged and disabled. He opted for medical treatment and found himself in a more disappointing situation. Due to excessive medication Mr. Mehmood’s liver started to degenerate and left him seeking for a non-allopathic non-surgical method of treatment. Mr. Shahid had given up hope, he was unable to sit, drive and continue his daily life. After KKT treatment he found himself not only sitting again, but driving and walking. In his testimonial he talks about how he was crippled and then brought back to life.

“22 years of excruciating pain gone with KKT’s noninvasive procedure” expresses former KKT patient Mr. Aleem Ahmed

Progressive minded Aleem Ahmed had been a victim of neck pain for the past 22 years and a back ache patient for many more. He sought for all available treatment options before coming to KKT. In his testimonial he expresses how he found KKT, a non-invasive bio-mechanical procedure far more remedial than the tried and tested conventional methods.

Victim of body imbalance Mr. Cheema turned to KKT Spine Center, after he was shattered by his inactive life of 3 decades

Mr. Nasir Cheema was a sufferer of body unbalance for the past 20-30 years. His condition had got to the point where his leg pain was intense and he would constantly feel as though he was about to fall, leading him to restricted movement and an inactive life. The condition had shattered his confidence beyond repair and the Doctors urged for surgery. Now, with the help of KKT treatment Mr. Cheema not only walks, but can walk for an hour with pure confidence.

Hit & run accident survivor travels from the US to find KKT Spine Center Pakistan the answer to her prayers

Parveen Akhter, victim of a hit and run accident, travelled all the way from the USA when the only treatment option left for her was surgery. Ms. Parveen Akhter developed complaints of her body mal-alignment, with one leg shorter than the other and swollen joints resulting from a car accident. In a desperate attempt to escape surgical procedures Ms. Akhter came to Pakistan and gave KKT treatment a try. In her testimonial she expresses how she was one of the first patients at KKT Pakistan, and how she takes pride in her decision.

52 year old homemaker mother suffering from back pain and neck pain gets relief through KKT Treatment after undergoing Laminectomy twice

Patient Bushra Mansoor who happens to be a grandmother at the age of 52 had been suffering from Back Pain from the past 34 years. Bushra states “I had given up on hope in life due to my condition, I had tried every form of treatment to the point where once in 1989 and then in 2009 I underwent Laminectomy but in vain I had never recovered. I am so thankful to my brother who referred me to KKT Spine Treatment. Being pain free today is like a new beginning.”

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