The KKT Treatment

What is KKT Treatment?

The KKT treatment focuses on a scientific approach to treating back, neck and joint pain together with other spine related conditions. KKT not only treats the pain but identifies and addresses the root of your problem.

The KKT treatment is a highly sophisticated, non-invasive, non-surgical medical treatment designed to easily and painlessly realign the spine, returning the body to its normal position.

The KKT Treatment uses precisely generated sound waves to relieve pain by improving spinal alignment of the back, shoulders and pelvis, while enhancing the health of the spinal discs, ligaments and muscles. These waves help in realigning the spine and achieving a more biomechanically stable body that prevents ongoing damage and restoring the body to its natural state.

Although the KKT Device is our flagship innovation, there is a number of key innovations which were required to provide a complete treatment program. Our key innovations are outlined below.

Our Technology

The KKT Device

At this moment, the KKT Device is the most sophisticated device developed for treating spine related ailments. The device is able to emit a unique, personalized wave frequency that can gently reverse spinal distortions and disturbances, returning the body to its natural state. This restores the normal biomechanics of the body, relieving constant and unbalanced pressure on the spine that accelerates degeneration. The waves also stimulate the cells to release more proteins associated with disc health.

Rigorous studies have shown that our approach is safe and highly effective in the treatment of many painful and debilitating spine-related conditions. To date, over 500,000 treatments have been administered to our patients who have experienced tremendous relief with KKT.

Precision X-Rays

In order for the KKT Device to work effectively, it must have very detailed and precise information about your spine. To achieve the necessary level of precision, our engineers developed a unique x-ray apparatus that is able to produce detailed images of the spine in a consistent fashion. While most x-rays are taken for the purposes of interpretation by a physician, this is not the case with the KKT x-ray images. Our x-rays are specifically designed to be analyzed by highly sophisticated software to detect distortions in the spine that are too small to be seen by the naked eye. The development of our x-ray apparatus is critical to allowing the KKT Device transfer the perfect wave frequency required for the treatment to have the maximum impact. Therefore, every KKT center has a complete radiology department, with a technician specially trained to take the highly specialized images required by the KKT Device.

KKT is a breakthrough treatment which heals your spine, reducing or eliminating your back and neck pain as well as other spine related symptoms. It is widely considered a breakthrough because it successfully incorporates advanced technology and software engineering to treat one of the greatest challenges in medicine today – the spine.

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