Orthopedic Spine Center

Company Overview

KKT International is a leading global network of pain management centers focused on the most advanced treatments of chronic pain from back and joint conditions. KKT treats chronic pain patients in 24 KKT pain management centers in 11 countries.

350,000+ KKT Treatments Globally

What is the KKT Treatment?

The KKT Treatment uses sound waves to relieve pain by improving spinal alignment of the back, shoulders and pelvis, while enhancing the health of the spinal discs, ligaments and muscles.

The KKT treatment platform focuses on a scientific approach to treating the underlying causes that result in chronic pain. The KKT medical device has been cleared or approved by numerous international regulatory agencies, including the US FDA, Health Canada and European CE. KKT is on a mission to revolutionize the health care for chronic pain patients.

How Is KKT Treatment Platform Different?

Medication: Medication is chemically invasive and typically focused on treating the symptoms, not the underlying causes of pain. For chronic pain sufferers, pain medication, such as opioids, can become highly addictive.

“While opioid drugs are effective for short-term pain, evidence is lacking to show that the drugs control chronic pain effectively.” – Director, United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) – March 2016.
KKT is designed to reduce or eliminate the long-term need for daily pain medications.

Hear from our Patients

Every minute, somewhere in the world, a chronic pain sufferer goes into a KKT pain management center and walks out with less pain. KKT treats chronic pain, every minute of the day, one patient at a time.

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