North America (Testimonials)


“My name is Hubert Kane and I am documenting my experience from a whiplash accident.

I was 14 years old and attending High School. I was working in the lab developing some prints . I mistook a jug of concentrated ammonia for developing fluid. On pouring out the contents the fumes came in contact with my nose. My head flew back and I almost lost consciousness. The pain was severe.

Some 8 years later, I experienced continuous pain and fatigue in my right upper arm and shoulder. I sought medical help and was referred to a physiotherapist.

The therapist put my neck in a harness and stretched it. This treatment went on for some time. My condition did not improve. It deteriorated and I stopped the treatment.

I walked around stiff as a board, until I met Dr. Aslam Khan.

I made an appointment, the doctor made a diagnosis and I started the treatment program. The difference was astonishing in both the gentle way the treatment was done as well as the results I had that no other therapy had been able to give me. I have been free from pain and stiffness ever since. I would be happy to personally speak with anyone questioning whether or not this treatment works.”

-Hubert Kane, male.

Herniated Disks, Sciatica

“Since 2009, on and off, I have been seeing the KKT specialists for my herniated discs (L4-L5; S1) and sciatic conditions. I have tried physiotherapy, cupping, acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, lumen photon therapy, reiki, painkillers, and alternative medicine to help alleviate the excruciating pain and inflammation. I have found KKT to be the most beneficial and effective treatment option for my injury as I was able to avoid back surgery twice. I am now able to walk, climb stairs, sit, drive, put weight on my left leg, etc., without experiencing massive amounts of pain as I did two years ago. I recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from any type of back injury.
A thankful patient 🙂


Spine Pain

“Went for a hugely innovative treatment today on my spine to help me with my issues. I cannot believe what I’ve already experienced…if you would have just told me, I wouldn’t have believed it. I finally feel confident in having a solution for what’s been going on. When you have hope, it changes your outlook tremendously…so excited to see what more it will help me with!”


Neck Pain

Due to a curvature of my cervical spine, I had neck pain for over 12 years, which had increasingly worsened. The pain was always present, some periods lasting for weeks during which the pain was much worse. With time, these attacks had become longer and more frequent. My neck discomfort often led to migraine attacks, I was unable to sit in one position for more than a few minutes, I had great difficulty sleeping and as a result, I was in despair. I tried various medications, physiotherapy, and special exercises with some benefits, but the pain was constantly becoming worse, to the point where I was contemplating retirement as a physician.

The pain is much less severe. My endurance has increased and I can now travel in a car, watch television or visit with friends without the agony that I experienced previously for years. Most importantly I got my life back and will no longer consider retiring from my profession.

-J.E. Jan MD FRC

Professor, Pediatrics

University of BC

BC Children’s Hospital


Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

I had been severely injured in a motor vehicle accident in 1991 and was in a cast for several months. My mobility was weakened and I was in terrible pain every time I lifted my arms above my shoulders. I walked with a noticeable limp and my knees were always bothering me so much that I was unable to walk for more than a couple of blocks without considerable pain.

Prior to the accident, I had been quite active in a wide variety of sports including playing competitive racquetball, squash, tennis, swim, weight-lifting, biking and golfing. After the injuries and the associated pain, I had to quit all of these activities.

With each specialist I saw came a new diagnosis of my condition. Unfortunately, all treatment plans brought no relief from the pain. Having a young son who is a golf champion meant a considerable amount of physical exertion and travel for me. The worst prognosis I received was that I would be sedentary within 3 to 5 years.

In 2002 my life changed dramatically when I began the KKT treatment. I am now able to play golf with my son. We play tennis, swim, bowl and participate in every sport that my active 9-year old does. I owe KKT a lot and now fully appreciate how wonderful it is to be healthy. I would strongly recommend KKT to anyone around the world looking for improved health.

-Doug Rue, male.

Sports Injury

Having injured my left shoulder, neck and lower back playing hockey, I was living with chronic pain for almost a year before I began KKT treatments. Prior to that, I had received several cortisone injections and a variety of physiotherapy modalities of which none had been helpful.

At the KKT treatment centre I had a thorough history and physical assessment of my problems as well as unique cervical spine X-rays. After having the KKT treatment I began to notice a relief to the neck and back pain that I was experiencing. I have made remarkable progress and am able to maintain my structural alignment with a resulting decrease in pain. I have been able to start a muscle-strengthening program and have returned to work as an Anesthesiologist.

The KKT process and knowledge base allows for an excellent understanding of pain. It focuses on more than just the basic aspects of health as it guides you through the treatment program.

-Dr. Paul Kliffer Anchor, male.