Tag: Back Pain

September 26, 2019

Imagine a single adjustable probe, producing personalized sound waves at such definite precision, that it targets the very inner recesses of the spine.

A piece of technology so powerful, that it restores the spine back to its correct position, producing immediate life changing results.

Surgery has never been without pain, costs, and adverse side effects.

KKT is a method of intervention that potentially eliminates surgery and all the complications that come with it. Bid farewell to the stashed pain medication in your bedside drawer in futile hopes of temporary relief.

The KKT technology has allowed one to address and restore the crucial structural deviations in the spine. In simpler terms, a wound cannot be treated without removing the splinter. The root of the issue must be determined in order to solve the problem. Temporary fixes such as pills, needles and manual therapies can only be considered after a careful deep restoration/repair of the body through technologies like KKT.

The KKT team takes a unique approach to not only identify the origin of your Back Pain, but also painlessly treat it. Mechanically generated sinusoidal waves are individualized for each person – this is the answer many around the world had been searching for, and the solution was found through the KKT probe! Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical, and pain free – this is KKT.

The key to the discovery was in integrating innovative technologies with several other disruptive advancements in science, to create a device that could truly make a difference in the lives of patients.

The process begins with identifying each person’s unique signature diagnostic data (DDPS- Digitally Derived Personal Soundwaves). This data is programmed into built-in software that in turn gets transmitted to the controller. The head of the device gives precise position feedback before the stylus can mechanically transduce the sound waves to the patient’s spine. KKT is simply applied to the first vertebra (C1) of the cervical region of the spine. From here, the sound waves would resonate along the spine, as well as into the central nervous system.

After the KKT Non-Surgical Spine Treatment, most patients immediately show visible improvements in their overall range of motion, resistance, posture, power, and/or activity level. Furthermore, most patients experience a general reduction in pain which results in a lower or even elimination of their total dose of pain medications. This form of technology is certainly unparalleled and is the next frontier for the spine industry.

KKT has already made a global impact: 25 centres established in 13 different countries, where a diverse scope of patients undergo the KKT Treatment, yet all connected in terms of spine-related pain. Further plans are to integrate KKT into current healthcare practices while simultaneously exploring avenues to transform and revolutionize the KKT device. At KKT, we hope to unlock the true potential of sound waves and maximize the outcomes that can be produced for improving human health. This progressive shift that KKT has created in the spine and pain industry has paved the way for future technology implementation into the next generation of healthcare.