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June 21, 2016

Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has recently formalized an alliance with KKT Orthopedic Spine Center to conduct spinal screenings and provide spine revitalization treatments to all of their players. It is well known that more than half of catastrophic injuries in sports are spine related and is the leading cause paralysis. The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has decided to take a proactive role in securing their players’ health by working with the global leader in spine treatment – KKT.

KKT’s advanced Quantum Wave technology provides a safe, non-invasive treatment regimen that has been scientifically proven to revitalize the spine. By consistently applying the treatment to the spine, players will diminish their chances of spinal injury while at the same time increase their coordination, speed, and agility. This breakthrough treatment reverses many of the trauma the spine experiences during intense game play, therefore it has become treatment of choice for athletes. Secretary General of Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) commented in a written statement, “We have a clear understanding of KKT ability to completely revitalize the spine and offset many of the stresses the game of field hockey places on the spine. A strong and healthy spine…can increase the coordination between brain and body, which can bring their game play to new heights. If KKT treatment is adopted throughout the league, we are sure that this will increase the power, speed, agility and competitiveness with which the sport is played.”

Recent studies have shown that the introduction of astroturf has decreased sports related injuries overall, however, the number of injuries related to the spine have increased dramatically. The exact cause of this dramatic increase is still under investigation, however, to protect themselves, players should undergo routine screenings of their spine at a nearby KKT Orthopedic Spine Center. Their advanced imaging and analysis technology is capable of detecting even subtle abnormalities of the spine, allowing doctor to diagnose and treat spinal problems before they lead to permanent injury.

For more information please visit www.kktspine.com

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February 26, 2016
 Pakistan’s Leading Non-Surgical Orthopedic Spine Center Gains Pakistan’s Pride

What does Misbah ul Haq and KKT Orthopedic Spine Center Pakistan have in common? Why would Misbah ul Haq, cricket legend and Pakistan’s pride endorse the medical facility in its latest TVC?

After retiring from One Day Internationals Misbah has been captaining Pakistan’s test side and though we know much about Misbah, his integral strength of character and his masterclass game, there is little we know about KKT. A quick Google search however came up with enough to make some sense of this pairing.

Misbah ul Haq is unique in that he perfectly embodies the dignity of the gentleman’s game. Similarly KKT Orthopedic Spine Centre prides itself in being the innovator of a sound wave treatment to regenerate spinal tissue and realign the spine offering patients of orthopedic ailments a dignified treatment.

Misbah is well known for his cool head at the pitch, his slow and steady wins the race performance tactics often frustrating but usually rewarding. KKT does not rely on aggressive batting tactics by prescribing mind numbing medication or surgery either but employs a Misbah cool innings with crisp clean drives that might last longer than expected but are always effective.

KKT is the brain child of a Canadian doctor Dr. Aslam Khan who did prodigious research in the area of neuro-musculoskeletal ailments and sound wave technology and merged the two to form a holistic approach to an area of medicine that has orthodoxly relied on archaic and invasive methods for treatments that don’t solve underlying conditions.

Surgery and medication are pretty drastic treatments because they alter the way you perform in your day to day lives and for athletes it’s more of a challenge when they feel they have no control over their body. KKT makes sense for athletes who don’t want to spend months or even years recovering from injuries during performances and would rather go for a less invasive approach to treatment.

As the fate of Pakistani cricket seems to be taking a turn for the better so does the level of awareness regarding health care. People now know of the discrepancies between the services that are offered on an international platform and how they are only available in Pakistan once they are obsolete and thus cheaper to acquire. However they are no longer satisfied with this form of treatment.

Where we have produced exceptional athletes in all forms of sport we deserve a form of treatment that is not only current but relative. KKT’s revolutionary treatment methodology not only helps the cricketing field but every field. Our soldiers can get back on their feet quicker, be healthier, more fit to do their duty. Our youth can rest easy because our elders are in safe hands, as they will be when they get old.

Our medical professionals and field can only grow from this advent, taking on further responsibility of providing world-class treatments that are innovative and internationally available; training our medical students so they don’t have to leave the country to gain this expertise.

So it is safe to say that Misbah has, yet again, chosen a team worth playing for. KKT has already clocked in a solid four year innings with no signs of getting bowled out. Here’s hoping to see a long partnership!

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October 28, 2012

Recently, Geoff Desmoulin, lead researcher for KKT International, addressed the people of New York through an in depth interview on New York’s weekly radio program, “PhD Forum”. The show was hosted by prominent radio personality, Bruce Hurwitz and the topic of the night was chronic back pain, which an estimated 80% of New Yorkers suffer from.

Geoff Desmoulins has been acknowledged for conducting some of the most sophisticated research on how the spine responds to various types of stress and trauma and how the KKT Treatment can help alleviate much of the pain felt by these patients. His recently published series of research has elucidated some of the mechanisms underlying the KKT Treatments amazing clinical results for back pain sufferers. This has amassed worldwide attention from not only radio personalities, but leading clinicians and scientists. His research has shown that the Quantum Waves produced by the KKT Device can significantly upregulate biochemical factors associated with a healthy spine, as well as realigning the spine to its natural conformation. This has helped inquisitive scientists understand, at the cellular level, how precisely calculated, gentle pulses traveling through entire length of the spine can provide such long lasting pain relief. Just recently he presented these discoveries to major spine researchers and clinicians at the World Spine Forum in Finland.

Throughout his interview, Geoff Desmoulin discussed how the extraordinary KKT Treatment has provided chronic back pain sufferers with a real solution. The average person with back pain will see over half a dozen specialists in search of relief. Unfortunately, only a small percentage qualify for spinal surgery and often times pain medication and physiotherapy are inadequate in providing relief. Luckily, for such individuals, the KKT Treatment has been hailed as one of the first treatment options to address the root cause of most spinal ailments and provide long lasting relief, without the need for risky surgery.

To hear the full length interview, click on the play button below:

If you have back pain and want to find out if you qualify for the KKT Treatment, visit www.kktspine.com and contact your nearest KKT Center.

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