Geoff Desmoulin Talks to the People of New York about KKT Technology

October 28, 2012

Recently, Geoff Desmoulin, lead researcher for KKT International, addressed the people of New York through an in depth interview on New York’s weekly radio program, “PhD Forum”. The show was hosted by prominent radio personality, Bruce Hurwitz and the topic of the night was chronic back pain, which an estimated 80% of New Yorkers suffer from.

Geoff Desmoulins has been acknowledged for conducting some of the most sophisticated research on how the spine responds to various types of stress and trauma and how the KKT Treatment can help alleviate much of the pain felt by these patients. His recently published series of research has elucidated some of the mechanisms underlying the KKT Treatments amazing clinical results for back pain sufferers. This has amassed worldwide attention from not only radio personalities, but leading clinicians and scientists. His research has shown that the Quantum Waves produced by the KKT Device can significantly upregulate biochemical factors associated with a healthy spine, as well as realigning the spine to its natural conformation. This has helped inquisitive scientists understand, at the cellular level, how precisely calculated, gentle pulses traveling through entire length of the spine can provide such long lasting pain relief. Just recently he presented these discoveries to major spine researchers and clinicians at the World Spine Forum in Finland.

Throughout his interview, Geoff Desmoulin discussed how the extraordinary KKT Treatment has provided chronic back pain sufferers with a real solution. The average person with back pain will see over half a dozen specialists in search of relief. Unfortunately, only a small percentage qualify for spinal surgery and often times pain medication and physiotherapy are inadequate in providing relief. Luckily, for such individuals, the KKT Treatment has been hailed as one of the first treatment options to address the root cause of most spinal ailments and provide long lasting relief, without the need for risky surgery.

To hear the full length interview, click on the play button below:

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