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February 3, 2017

Dr. Mansoor Khan and the team at KKT Orthopedic Spine Center are excitedly coming up on their one year anniversary at their location in Streetsville Mississauga. They have quite a large following of happy patients helping to further spread the word about the advanced acoustic wave therapy being performed at the newest opened facility of this global company.

“Patients come through my doors searching for a solution to their pain and many have been told by other health cared providers there is nothing more that can be done except long term pain medication or surgery” says clinic manager Serina Bowles, “My favorite part of managing this clinic is seeing these same patients leave through the doors with less or no pain and improved daily function, but most of all, knowing they have found the right place to help them.”

KKT has been in operation for 15 years in 25 clinics worldwide. KKT Mississauga was opened with the plans to become the hub for North America as the centers begin to expand across the country and the US. Currently patients are travelling from all over North America to receive care at this location.

The success of KKT rides on their discovery and use of the science behind sound wave technology. Through evaluation of a patients medical condition and identifying the source of the pain, KKT uses sound waves that are personalized to the patients own anatomy to gently maneuver the parts of the body back to their more normal position thereby eliminating the cause of the pain instead of just focussing on managing the pain the problem is causing. The technology not only alleviates the physical problems, it also encourages the body to upregulate the proteins in the ligaments and disc and promotes self healing. Patients now have a non-surgical, painless option to fix the root of their chronic pain.

KKT is a well known therapy option in their other regions and has been applied more than 500,000 times and has the backing of the FDA, CE and other international certifications.

Problems of the spine, such as degeneration, traumatic injury, scoliosis, bulging discs, facet disease and many others are the root cause of needless suffering for so many. By fixing the actual problem that is causing the pain using KKT, the patient experiences relief from the pain the problem was causing such as migraines, numbness in the extremities, sciatic pain, nerve problems, low back pain and mobility issues.

Recent patient Prasad Bhagawat says, “I was suffering from severe pain and burning in my neck for over a year and was unable to continue working, Dr. Mansoor and his staff took good care of me. Though I was a little skeptical at the start it really helped me recover from the pain.”

Dr. Mansoor Khan’s RateMD page is filled with similar comments:
“By far the best doctor I have ever received treatment from.”

“When I started at KKT I was not expecting very much as I had been to various back doctors and a pain specialist who had in effect given up. I was to have a spinal block to see if that would help. Luckily my son insisted that I try KKT. After the very first treatment I had incredible relief.”

“My back had been almost permanently bent in a C shape for a few years which was affecting my knees as well. Before I went to see Dr. Khan I was taking 2 arthritis pills, 5 extra strength Tylenol and 3 back pills per day. These pills were not able to even tough the pain I was in, I was existing that was all. I am now on 1 arthritis pill per day and absolutely no other meds. My back is straight and pain free and my knees don’t hurt at all. I am completely pain free for the first time in at least 10 years!”

“As a physician I am forever grateful to the KKT clinic and Dr. Khan for their expert treatment and quickly restoring my function.”

Stories like this fill the waiting room on a daily basis as more and more people are hearing that this treatment option is available to them in the area. The science behind this revolutionary technology has helped thousands of patients worldwide and the team is happy to be making it available more locally and seeing the difference it is making to people around the GTA. If you would like further information about how KKT can help you please contact the office at 905 285 0005 or email at

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August 26, 2016

Often described as the “scourge of the century”, back pains and related disorders have always frustrated patients and kept doctors in dilemma with regards to providing a remedy. With the advancement of technology and kinetic treatment a ray of hope has emerged for those suffering from it. To enable local citizens to have recourse to such treatment, KKT international opened a clinic in Phoenix. The launching ceremony took place on August 26th in the presence of Ministers Suren Dayal and Cader Sayed-Hossen.

The KKT Orthopaedic Spine Centre proposes the Khan Kinetic Treatment (KKT), which makes use of special machines that allow to realign the spine and delay its aging, as well as to bet-ter position intervertebral discs. The treatment, developed by Dr Aslam Khan, will be provided in Mauritius by Dr Reebye.


“This treatment does not imply surgery or injection. It is painless and non-invasive,” pointed out Dr Reebye on the occasion.

Dr Reebye added that the KKT treatment comprises 12 sessions of 15 minutes each. “We send them x-ray reports that they analyse before commending any kind of treatment. It is at the level of the Canadian KKT Orthopaedic Spine Centre that the number of sessions that will be required for a patient is decided,” underlined the doctor. He also stated that the clinic would soon embark on organising outreach programs throughout the island.

KKT Mauritius News Launch BIZweek 11 Sept2014
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February 26, 2016
 Pakistan’s Leading Non-Surgical Orthopedic Spine Center Gains Pakistan’s Pride

What does Misbah ul Haq and KKT Orthopedic Spine Center Pakistan have in common? Why would Misbah ul Haq, cricket legend and Pakistan’s pride endorse the medical facility in its latest TVC?

After retiring from One Day Internationals Misbah has been captaining Pakistan’s test side and though we know much about Misbah, his integral strength of character and his masterclass game, there is little we know about KKT. A quick Google search however came up with enough to make some sense of this pairing.

Misbah ul Haq is unique in that he perfectly embodies the dignity of the gentleman’s game. Similarly KKT Orthopedic Spine Centre prides itself in being the innovator of a sound wave treatment to regenerate spinal tissue and realign the spine offering patients of orthopedic ailments a dignified treatment.

Misbah is well known for his cool head at the pitch, his slow and steady wins the race performance tactics often frustrating but usually rewarding. KKT does not rely on aggressive batting tactics by prescribing mind numbing medication or surgery either but employs a Misbah cool innings with crisp clean drives that might last longer than expected but are always effective.

KKT is the brain child of a Canadian doctor Dr. Aslam Khan who did prodigious research in the area of neuro-musculoskeletal ailments and sound wave technology and merged the two to form a holistic approach to an area of medicine that has orthodoxly relied on archaic and invasive methods for treatments that don’t solve underlying conditions.

Surgery and medication are pretty drastic treatments because they alter the way you perform in your day to day lives and for athletes it’s more of a challenge when they feel they have no control over their body. KKT makes sense for athletes who don’t want to spend months or even years recovering from injuries during performances and would rather go for a less invasive approach to treatment.

As the fate of Pakistani cricket seems to be taking a turn for the better so does the level of awareness regarding health care. People now know of the discrepancies between the services that are offered on an international platform and how they are only available in Pakistan once they are obsolete and thus cheaper to acquire. However they are no longer satisfied with this form of treatment.

Where we have produced exceptional athletes in all forms of sport we deserve a form of treatment that is not only current but relative. KKT’s revolutionary treatment methodology not only helps the cricketing field but every field. Our soldiers can get back on their feet quicker, be healthier, more fit to do their duty. Our youth can rest easy because our elders are in safe hands, as they will be when they get old.

Our medical professionals and field can only grow from this advent, taking on further responsibility of providing world-class treatments that are innovative and internationally available; training our medical students so they don’t have to leave the country to gain this expertise.

So it is safe to say that Misbah has, yet again, chosen a team worth playing for. KKT has already clocked in a solid four year innings with no signs of getting bowled out. Here’s hoping to see a long partnership!

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