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September 26, 2019

Imagine a single adjustable probe, producing personalized sound waves at such definite precision, that it targets the very inner recesses of the spine.

A piece of technology so powerful, that it restores the spine back to its correct position, producing immediate life changing results.

Surgery has never been without pain, costs, and adverse side effects.

KKT is a method of intervention that potentially eliminates surgery and all the complications that come with it. Bid farewell to the stashed pain medication in your bedside drawer in futile hopes of temporary relief.

The KKT technology has allowed one to address and restore the crucial structural deviations in the spine. In simpler terms, a wound cannot be treated without removing the splinter. The root of the issue must be determined in order to solve the problem. Temporary fixes such as pills, needles and manual therapies can only be considered after a careful deep restoration/repair of the body through technologies like KKT.

The KKT team takes a unique approach to not only identify the origin of your Back Pain, but also painlessly treat it. Mechanically generated sinusoidal waves are individualized for each person – this is the answer many around the world had been searching for, and the solution was found through the KKT probe! Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical, and pain free – this is KKT.

The key to the discovery was in integrating innovative technologies with several other disruptive advancements in science, to create a device that could truly make a difference in the lives of patients.

The process begins with identifying each person’s unique signature diagnostic data (DDPS- Digitally Derived Personal Soundwaves). This data is programmed into built-in software that in turn gets transmitted to the controller. The head of the device gives precise position feedback before the stylus can mechanically transduce the sound waves to the patient’s spine. KKT is simply applied to the first vertebra (C1) of the cervical region of the spine. From here, the sound waves would resonate along the spine, as well as into the central nervous system.

After the KKT Non-Surgical Spine Treatment, most patients immediately show visible improvements in their overall range of motion, resistance, posture, power, and/or activity level. Furthermore, most patients experience a general reduction in pain which results in a lower or even elimination of their total dose of pain medications. This form of technology is certainly unparalleled and is the next frontier for the spine industry.

KKT has already made a global impact: 25 centres established in 13 different countries, where a diverse scope of patients undergo the KKT Treatment, yet all connected in terms of spine-related pain. Further plans are to integrate KKT into current healthcare practices while simultaneously exploring avenues to transform and revolutionize the KKT device. At KKT, we hope to unlock the true potential of sound waves and maximize the outcomes that can be produced for improving human health. This progressive shift that KKT has created in the spine and pain industry has paved the way for future technology implementation into the next generation of healthcare.

January 18, 2018
Scoliosis patient girl

If you are suffering from scoliosis, find out how you can benefit from the KKT treatment.

“It took us a long time to accept that I would have to live with scoliosis my entire life. “ – Melinda, 16.

The day I was diagnosed with scoliosis, the doctor told me I would not be allowed to play basketball anymore. I was only thirteen and had 32-degree scoliosis to the right, which according to the doctor caused my back pain, and playing basketball was making the pain even worse. Scoliosis was a word I had never heard before. The doctor explained what it meant and how different activities and certain sports can help its progress. It took us a long time to accept that I would have to live with scoliosis my entire life.

During the conversation, my mom was barely keeping it together. When the doctor said that the curve might progress and I may end up needing surgery, she broke down in tears. Looking back, I remember being so angry and so hurt. The only thing I cared at that moment was that I wouldn’t be able to pour my heart and soul into playing basketball.

After the diagnosis, we scheduled an appointment for a back brace. I gave my measurements and after a couple of days started physical therapy. The therapy included various stretching exercises, which, over the years, helped me cope with my back pain and stiffness, but it wasn’t enough since the curve was still mildly progressing. About the back brace, I absolutely hated it. It was uncomfortable, painful, and shameful to have it on, nearly 24 hours every single day. After the first year, I stopped wearing it regularly, as much as my parents protested.

The First Symptoms

The first time I noticed more severe back pain was after intense basketball practice. I remember I wasn’t able to sleep that night. The next morning, my back was still hurting, and as I was getting dressed for school, I noticed something unusual. I couldn’t move my limbs freely. I tried to lean forward to put my socks on, and I felt the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my entire life. I remember the lingering tiredness that crippled in after and felt as if my entire energy was sucked out of my body.

A couple of times before, I felt mild back pain, but I didn’t want to worry my parents, so I tried to brush it under the rug. It was a huge mistake because now I know that earlier diagnosis means better chances for recovery.

The Emotional Impact of Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a journey that changed my life forever. The outgoing, positive person that I was, suddenly vanished under the invisible curves that were scarring my body. Even though my true friends stayed by my side, I didn’t appreciate growing up the way I did before.

After the diagnosis, I went to my room and removed all of the jerseys and trophies I had. I didn’t need any reminders of something I no longer could do. I stopped socializing, stopped visiting my team’s basketball games and it didn’t take long for my self-esteem to drop. I never went dancing or at events that required wearing a dress as the thought of a visible lump under my dress was too intimidating and scary. I could hardly sit in class and skipped events that required longer sitting on hard-bottomed chairs.

The hardest thing for me was the inability to express the emotional impact scoliosis had on me. The condition causes physical challenges, but being at the most fragile years, the emotional impact the disease had on me was worse than the physical. This experience made me grateful for many things including the bond I’ve developed with my supportive and kind family.

KKT Helped me Play Basketball Again

Over the course of two years, my curve kept progressing, and the doctor said I’d eventually need surgery. To my family, surgery was not an option because we feared the risk of complications, such as paralysis, excessive blood loss, and further structural complications.

So, when my parents heard about the KKT treatment one year ago, they immediately booked an appointment with the doctor. On our first visit, we just wanted to learn more about the treatment, and going for a conversation in the nearby clinic was the best decision. The doctor was very friendly and explained everything to us, answered all of our questions, and we left home to process everything and make a decision.

After conducting some research based on the information we found online, my parents decided to get me started on the KKT treatment. I believe the turning point in our decision was that the treatment is based on scientific research and the KKT technology has been approved by different organizations around the world. At the clinic, we found a couple of satisfied patients that we had a chance to talk to and exchange contact with.

Before the first treatment, the KKT team explained step by step how the process would go and what it involves. In the beginning, I was a little bit scared to lay on the bed and get the device near my head, but after the first experience, I finally got assured it’s quick and painless.
After the initial first session which lasted for six weeks, I started feeling a radical change in my body. My back pain was vanishing treatment after treatment, my energy levels increased tremendously, and I was no longer scared to live my life as a young, teenage girl. The biggest change I noticed was an improvement in my posture. I can finally stand tall after years of struggling with a bad posture.

Both my parents and I couldn’t hide the surprise after seeing the X-rays a year later from the beginning of treatment. My spine was looking much straighter, the curve had stopped progressing, and it even had reversed! It was the weirdest thing for me to see how this part of my body was going back to normal.

Today, I am slowly returning to my basketball practice without any struggles, and I couldn’t be happier. No surgery, no risks! What gives me the most joy is that my parents no longer have to worry about my scoliosis. It has been such a relief for them to know that this condition is something we longer fear.

I am continuing my KKT sessions while spreading the word out because it is time for the people that have been struggling with scoliosis to live a pain-free life. I want everyone to be able to stand tall again. It is still unbelievable to me how far behind we are when it comes to other treatment options in the world of scoliosis.

Click here to learn more about the KKT treatment.

If you are concerned about the symptoms or physical pain you are experiencing, a comprehensive diagnostic assessment by a KKT physician will determine if you require treatment. Click here to find your nearest KKT clinic and book an appointment.

Disclaimer: To protect our patient’s privacy, we are not showing pictures of the actual patient.

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December 13, 2017

The Future for Treating Back and Neck Pain is upon us

Back and neck pain is a difficult and growing concern for patients and medical professionals around the world. According to the existing medical literature, 80 percent of the world population suffers from back or neck pain at some point in their lifetime. At any given time, 12 to 18 percent, if not more of the world population is actively suffering from these problems.

Causes and Symptoms of Back and Neck Pain

Technological advancements have brought many conveniences into our daily lives, while at the same time negatively affecting some of the very vital functioning aspects of our bodies. Some gadgets for instance have put a burden on our back, neck, nerves and even the cells of our bodies. In the case of using the phone, computers and notepads, we are continually contorting our bodies. Such habits have led to the development of ‘modern’ disease conditions such as the “text neck syndrome”. What is even more concerning is that specific degenerative conditions caused by the continual usage of mobile phones, TV, laptops, and tablets, can be noticed in children at a very young age. In other words, children are ending up with diseases which once upon a time only affected “old people”. On an MRI or x-ray we can see the degenerative processes, include changes in the normal spinal curvatures, and disc deterioration between the vertebrae of the spine. This can result in mild to severe back and neck pain, not to mention other more severe conditions.

Signs of nerve compression like numbness (pins and needles), burning, or “sharp electrical” like sensations can be felt in the affected part of the body. It is not unusual to see In more advanced cases, even muscle weakness at a young age.

A variety of factors influence the development of back and neck pain. Risk factors such as incorrect posture, poor ergonomics, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, sudden acceleration and deceleration injuries, long driving hours, poor nutrition (fast food, fizzy drinks), worn out mattresses, sleeping on the stomach, high pillows, and emotional and psychological stresses can lead to degenerative processes.

The Importance of Addressing the Underlying Cause of Pain

Consistent pain is an alarming sign that something in our bodies is not right. Regardless of its intensity, any persistent pain that progresses over the course of one week should be taken seriously. Conventional use of pain killers to mask the pain is an inefficient treatment solution that doesn’t heal the underlying cause of the pain and has its own potential serious side effects.

Instead, every patient experiencing back and neck pain should seek an early and thorough consultation with a licensed medical professional. A proper diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan to address the source of pain is critical.

According to Dr. Khan, a specialist with a research focus in pain management and rehabilitation, “most of the cases of back and neck pain, headaches, disc damage, nerve compression (like sciatica), spinal stenosis, and facet joint arthritis have been frequently seen to be a sequel to an acquired malalignment in the spine and secondary to ligamentous injuries (stretching/tearing and loosening) of varying extent”.

“Normally, such problems are managed by symptomatic treatments that don’t make a significant improvement and many times even worsen the process of deterioration, with some cases ending up with the inevitable need for surgical intervention,” he continues.

KKT Treatment Overview

Understanding the need of targeting the underlying cause of chronic back and neck pain, our team at KKT Orthopaedic spine centre have come up with an advanced and unique treatment that not only treats the pain but identifies the root of the problem. KKT is a globally available and internationally certified treatment (from organisations such as FDA, etc.) pioneered by Dr. Aslam Khan.

Dr. Khan and his exquisite team of doctors collaborated with leading Canadian universities to come up with this unprecedented way of therapy for chronic back and neck pain. The treatment uses specific SINE wave frequencies to stimulate the spine in numerous ways.

These waves not only help in realigning the spine and achieving a more biomechanically stable body that prevents ongoing damage, but also have been experimentally proven to enhance the gene upregulation of specific proteins required for healing of damaged tissues like discs and ligaments. The KKT treatment is a non-invasive and painless treatment that doesn’t require medication or surgery.

Our KKT Bahrain team feels very fortunate for the ability to help thousands of patients suffering from chronic pain to get back their lives, medication-free and without a need for surgery. All this in the past year of being open in Bahrain.

KKT Bahrain has also had the honour to serve not only the people of Bahrain, but also a considerable number of regional and overseas patients to get back to a pain-free life. Our team of doctors and our staff is striving to deliver the highest health care standards to our patients, and stay committed to this unique mission.

This article first appeared in Bizbahrain, an industry-focused magazine based in Bahrain. Here is the link to the original article:



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