Day: August 11, 2017

August 11, 2017

In a continuous effort to maintain the highest standards of all our centers all over the world, Dr. Khan recently visited the centers in the Sharjah and Abu Dhabi centers in United Arab Emirates. Dr. Khan gave a two day presentation to all physicians and staff about the latest updates to the KKT Treatment and devices. He also touched upon the importance of making all of our patient’s first and having a grander vision for health care.

“I wanted to take the opportunity to personally visit each and every doctor in our UAE centers because they are doing so well,” said Dr. Khan, “I wanted them to be the first to get an insight of the latest changes to our technology and our protocol.”

The training session has been highly lauded as a success and it is anticipated that the latest changes will provide considerable benefit to the fortunate patients who will be receiving them in the near future.

Dr. Khan will be continuing his tour of the Middle East centers by conducting a 2 week training session for the newest KKT center in Oman.

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