Day: June 21, 2016

June 21, 2016

Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has recently formalized an alliance with KKT Orthopedic Spine Center to conduct spinal screenings and provide spine revitalization treatments to all of their players. It is well known that more than half of catastrophic injuries in sports are spine related and is the leading cause paralysis. The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has decided to take a proactive role in securing their players’ health by working with the global leader in spine treatment – KKT.

KKT’s advanced Quantum Wave technology provides a safe, non-invasive treatment regimen that has been scientifically proven to revitalize the spine. By consistently applying the treatment to the spine, players will diminish their chances of spinal injury while at the same time increase their coordination, speed, and agility. This breakthrough treatment reverses many of the trauma the spine experiences during intense game play, therefore it has become treatment of choice for athletes. Secretary General of Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) commented in a written statement, “We have a clear understanding of KKT ability to completely revitalize the spine and offset many of the stresses the game of field hockey places on the spine. A strong and healthy spine…can increase the coordination between brain and body, which can bring their game play to new heights. If KKT treatment is adopted throughout the league, we are sure that this will increase the power, speed, agility and competitiveness with which the sport is played.”

Recent studies have shown that the introduction of astroturf has decreased sports related injuries overall, however, the number of injuries related to the spine have increased dramatically. The exact cause of this dramatic increase is still under investigation, however, to protect themselves, players should undergo routine screenings of their spine at a nearby KKT Orthopedic Spine Center. Their advanced imaging and analysis technology is capable of detecting even subtle abnormalities of the spine, allowing doctor to diagnose and treat spinal problems before they lead to permanent injury.

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