Welcome to KKT Orthopedic Spine Center - Doha, Qatar!

  • KKT Qatar opened in November 2013 & became a center of excellence in the Middle East, GCC and North African regions, treating ailments and diseases of the spine using Non-Invasive Sound Waves.
  • Our vision is to enable the population to have access to pioneering healthcare, facilities and medical professionals.
  • At KKT Qatar we strive for the community, aiding in the education of spine ailments, healthcare, diseases, prevention and treatment.
  • Located in the heart of Doha, Qatar. The center is easily accessible and has delightful hotels within walking distance.
  • KKT Qatar aims to make your travel arrangements as simple as possible. We can help with your travel arrangements and hotel bookings.
  • KKT Qatar is here for you, helping you gain a better quality of life, because life won’t stop and neither should you.



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Hear From Our Patients

The following testimonials provide some valuable insights into the success of the KKT treatment program.

  • Patient Testimonials - Back Pain Open or Close

    I was suffering from chronic neck and back pain. I feel my health and lifestyle has improved since taking the KKT® treatment. KKT® Qatar has a unique and interesting way of caring and looking after their patients health. The treatment is comfortable with no pain. The center is beautiful and the staff are friendly.

    -51 year old, Female

  • Patient Testimonials - Lower Back Pain and Neck Pain Open or Close

    KKT® Spine Center gave me an opportunity to go through the process of treating the spine without surgical intervention. It is a big advantage. The professional way of communication with patients is excellent.

    -53 year old, female

  • Patient Testimonials - Scoliosis Open or Close

    My family and I visited KKT®  Qatar from Saudi Arabia, my daughter has suffered her adolescent life with scoliosis. The abnormal curve of her spine reached 46 degrees before visiting KKT® Qatar. After 11 sessions in KKT® the degree of deviation reduced to 34. My daughter is happier and her social confidence is improving.  I would like to thank Dr. Ahmed, who oversaw the treatment of my daughter and Allah bless all of you.

    -Mother of 17 year old, female

  • Patient Testimonials - Neck pain Open or Close

    Before finding out about KKT® and visiting KKT®  Qatar I suffered with chronic neck pains, but now after receiving KKT®  treatments I feel a huge improvement and have no more pain.

    -Female, 16 year old.

  • Patient Testimonials - Neck pain - 02 Open or Close

    I must wish KKT® Qatar well and hope more people can benifit the way I have from the KKT® treatments. I had been suffering from neck pain, after completing the treatment plan of KKT® I found that my situation has significantly imrproved. My Sincere appreiation and thanks to KKT® Qatar.

    -Male, 48 years old.




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