Global Locations

  • Vancouver-Canada
  • Germany
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Al Ain, UAE
    Al Ain, UAE
  • Sharjah
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Jordan
  • Pakistan
  • Hopkins, Taiwan
    Hopkins, Taiwan
  • San-Shang-Taiwan
  • Sunlink-Taiwan
  • Dalien-China
  • Harbin-China
  • Ningbo-China
  • Mauritius

KKT was founded in the 1999 by Dr. Aslam Khan in one small medical office in Vancouver in which Dr. Khan was pioneering the KKT treatment platform for chronic pain. Dr. Khan’s patients would travel to Canada from all over the world for KKT treatments.

These patients whose lives were changed when the KKT treatments eliminated their chronic pain became advocates of the KKT treatment platform.  The patients partnered with Dr. Khan to establish KKT pain management centers in their home countries because they felt that it was their duty to share the benefits of the KKT treatment platform with chronic pain sufferers in their home countries.  To this day, the majority of KKT pain management centers are a result of former patients working with KKT to establish a new location in their home countries.

KKT pain management centers are located in 11 countries. KKT will continue to work with its patients to establish new KKT pain management centers in order to bring the benefits of chronic pain relief closer to their homes.

25% of KKT’s patient travel to experience the benefits of KKT.
We can help you with travel arrangements and special rates at local hotels.

Every minute, somewhere in the world, a chronic pain sufferer goes into a KKT pain management center and walks out with less pain. KKT treats chronic pain, every minute of the day, one patient at a time.