Meet Our Founder


Dr. Aslam Khan is the founder of KKT International, a non-invasive method of treating the spine and its related conditions, including neck and back pain, spinal cord injuries, herniated discs, scoliosis, osteoarthritis and headaches —using a very specific form of vibratory sound waves.

He graduated as a Chiropractor in 1991 and continued onto private practice as well as engaging in extensive studies in Orthopedic Medicine. During the early years, he put together a remarkable team of physicians to work under him with a specialty focus in Pain Management and Rehabilitation, Preventative Intervention, Anti-Aging, and Hormonal Modulation.

This pioneering research in pain management and rehabilitation was improved with the addition of pure scientists, engineers and computer programmers to the team. His discoveries were further researched some of the most renowned researchers and institutions of our time, in order to validate as well as refine what he had gathered in real life, practical clinical exposure.

The KKT Treatment had arrived with a focus on regeneration and restoration of the body. Throughout his career, Dr. Khan has remained focused on research and scientific discoveries that would benefit the majority of chronic pain patients. He also has wanted to ensure that the benefits of the treatment would be realized within our lifetime for sufferers from around the globe. To that end, he helped found the unique, non-surgical KKT Orthopedic Spine Centers in Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and China. To establish the medical centers, Dr. Khan partnered with and trained pain management and physical medicine and rehabilitation of the most established and well-respected clinicians in the fields of Orthopedics, Pain, and Rehabilitation, as well as Neurosurgeons, Chiropractors and Family Medicine practitioners.

Dr. Khan also established Optima Health Solutions International, which dedicated itself to Spinal Research and managing the centers around the world with the needed resources and supplies in setting up and maintaining such unique medical establishments.

In addition, Dr. Khan was the founder and president of the International Centre for the Spine and is a long-standing member of the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine. He has published several peer reviewed scientific papers on the topic of the impact of the KKT treatment.

To date, over 350,000+ KKT treatments have been provided worldwide.

In the years ahead, Dr. Khan and his team plan to ensure that all those in need of this treatment around the world will have access to this most advanced breakthrough in treating the body.

He is an active speaker on the subject and is frequently called upon as an expert witness due to his deep appreciation of the subject of pain and associated conditions related to the skeleton, spinal cord and brain.

Key-Note Presentations and Panels:

Scientific Breakthroughs in Treating Degenerative and Chronic Pain
PM&R Hospital (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)
2016 - Kuwait
Spinal Degeneration, Pain and Aging
Qatar International Medical Congress
2015 - Qatar
Frontiers in Treating Spinal Related Pain
Qatar International Medical Congress
2015 - Qatar
Center for Intelligent Machines
McGill University
2011 Montreal, Canada
Toward a Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation
Fifth Jordanian and Sixth Arab Congress in Physical Medicine, Arthritis and Rehabilitation
2011 - Jordan
Annual Orthopedic Surgery Meeting
2008 Chandigarh, India
Postgraduate Institute of India
2008 – India
KKT Role in Orthopedic Medicine
Orthopedics Community
2007 Feiburg, Germany
Initial Results in using KKT for Low Back Pain
Peking Union Medical College Hospital
2007 – Beijing, China
Initial Results in using KKT for Low Back Pain
International Congress of Chinese Orthopedic Association
2007 - Beijing, China
KKT Treatment Expansion into Asia
2006 Taipei, Taiwan
Results of Khan Kinetic Treatment
University of British Columbia Northwest BIOMECHANICS Symposium
2006 Vancouver, Canada